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Investigación sobre el uso de internet en USA
de Alejandro Uribe Tirado - Tuesday, 26 de September de 2006, 09:29
Remitente: Andy Carvin <>
Asunto: [DDN] New US govt data on the school-home digital divide
Fecha: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 12:28:48 -0400
Destinatario:, The Digital Divide Network discussion group
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Hi everyone,

I've just blogged about a new report from the National Center for
Education Statistics about the digital divide among US students. The
report finds that schools provide equitable Internet access - students
of different racial, economic and educational backgrounds have similar
levels of access. But similarity ends at the schoolhouse gate. Quoting
from my blog:
At home, 78% of white students have Internet access, which isn’t
enormously different than the percentage with access at school. In
comparison, only 46% of African American students, 48% of Latinos and
43% of Native Americans had access at home; Asian-Americans and mixed
ethnicity students fared better at 74% apiece. Regarding disability, 68%
of non-disabled students and 55% of disabled students had home access.
Parental education and income levels also reveal a stark divide at
home. While a whopping 88% kids whose parents achieved a graduate-level
of education had home Net access, the same was true of only 55% of kids
whose parents completed high school - and only 35% of kids whose parents
didn’t. If parents speak just Spanish at home, only 32% of kids had home
Internet access, compared with 69% of kids whose parents spoke English.
Lastly, 88% of kids whose parents earned more than $75,000 a year had
home access, compared to just 37% of kids whose parents earned less than
$20,000 a year.
Download the report (pdf):