Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenCourseWare University of Antioquia?

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a project promoted by the UNIVERSIA network, and consisting in the open publication of course contents prepared by teachers, with the aim of making easier the access to the information of an academic nature.

The University of Antioquia presents this OpenCourseWare University of Antioquia (OCW-UdeA) site with the purpose of sharing resources, experiences and good practices by offering a collection of course materials prepared by teachers, freely available for all users who want to build on their knowledge, for non-commercial purposes.

Is it possible to be enrolled in an OCW-UdeA course?

OCW UdeA does not offer the possibility of being enrolled in a course as a virtual program or distance learning. Users can browse the website and have open access to the courses materials and use it for non-commercial purposes only, in order to gain and build on their knowledge in an autonomous way. The University does not accompany or issue any certificate to the site users.

How to contact the teacher of an OCW-UdeA course?

Having free access to courses contents included on the OCW-UdeA site it does not mean that courses can be taken as virtual programs with assistance and feedback by the teacher. Therefore, is not possible to contact directly the author-teachers of courses contents.

Questions sent by using the “Fast feedback” block, placed on every OCW-UdeA course, will be answered?

OCW-UdeA allows you to send feedbacks or comments about courses contents. The University of Antioquia will moderate these comments and will answer the technical questions. Questions and contributions of an academic nature could be taken into account by the author-teachers of the contents as inputs to the improvement of their materials; however, it does not involve interaction with the teacher.

Which usabilities and use restrictions have OCW-UdeA courses contents?

OCW-UdeA courses contents are accessible without restriction, and are subject to Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Colombia). User undertakes to: use this material for non-commercial purposes only; give recognition to the author and quote him; protect with the same license the material that may result from modification or adaptation.

OCW-UdeA courses contents can be copied and used for academic, non-commercial purposes only. Teachers can use these materials for their own courses, and students for their self-directed learning. Besides, contents can be modified and distributed for free to other users, under the same terms defined in the License.

The aforementioned, including an attribution to the author of the OCW-UdeA course contents.

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