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Resumen biográfico He and his colleagues are trying to understand gibberish and track down known structures or repeating sequences - on the computer. If a gene is found that could be interesting, the researchers try to prove in which cell types it is active how to cure seborrheic dermatitis. Each human cell contains the full set of genes, but only a part of it is active, depending on whether it is a skin or a kidney cell. If a cell is diseased, as in psoriasis, it produces certain proteins in excess, which in turn is due to certain active genes. If these are known, a drug can suppress them. For example, psoriasis or cancer can be better treated.

Functional Genomics is a relatively new field and differs from classical biotechnology. "It is like beer brewing today," says Baldus. "We find a protein that helps with a disease, because of the four basic building blocks" relatively easy "to find the appropriate gene sequence, build it into microorganisms and then grow the protein , which then only had to be isolated. The functional geneticists, on the other hand, are different: they are systematically looking for genes which may be of interest to drug production.

Schneider and his colleagues are researching genes for skin diseases, brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease, stroke and hormone therapy. Berlex, a US subsidiary, has a further 30 employees working in gene research. Since 1996 the daughter  seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment Metagen in Berlin-Dahlem has also been breeding genes in tumors. In the meantime 25 employees and ten doctoral students with breast and prostate cancer are concerned. Originally founded to harness the knowledge of academics - Metagen works closely with the Freie Universität - the company brought «outstanding results» (Baldus), which not all fit into Schering's main business segments.

In order to be able to market the results, Metagen needs "more employees, more equipment, more spaces", as Baldus says - and thus more money. For this reason, venture capital companies are initially to take over shares in order to make metagens ripe for the next year's stock exchange trading. Further details could be announced by Schering today at the autumn press conference together with the figures for the third quarter. In any case shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis, metagen is expected to grow by the mark of A, G, T and C, and by 2002, 100 researchers will work on metagenes. The first product to be launched in 2006 is a diagnostic chip. It is slightly easier to develop than the right drug.

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