María Guadalupe Martínez de Dávila, María Guadalupe Moreno Monsiváis, Paz Francisco Sauceda Flores, Leticia Vázquez Arreola, Sofía Guadalupe Medina Ortíz, Arcelia Liñán Zamarripa


Aim: To implement the case Management Model and to assess its effectiveness in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Methodology: Two seventeen patients groups were sample. One was experimental and the second was a control group.

Study stages: a) selection of patients and training of the multidisciplinary team, b) multi-disciplinary intervention, c) follow-up at home.

Results: Experimental group: mean days of hospital stay were 4.88. only 11.8% of patients had one hospital readmission within the six months after the discharge.

Mean of glycosilated hemoglobin al hospital admission: 11.45%. at the end of intervention: 8.84%. The student comparison of means showed a significant difference (p= 001).

Control group: mean days of stay was 6.24. in the following six months 35.5% had from one to two readmissions.

Conclusions: The experimental group reported shorter stays and less readmission, more knowledge regarding the disease and treatment, higher family involvement in care, and better clinical control through glycosilated hemoglobin.

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