Reading fairy tales as a humanization strategy of hospitalized children care

Ione Correa, Maíra Aparecida Soares Albano


Objective. To asses fairy tales reading as a humanization strate­gy of hospitalized children care. Methodology. Qualitative study in which data was collected from: fairy tales reading: individual interview, questionnaire, drawings and stories created by the children. Results. During reading sessions, improvement in the children’s reactions was seen: They were more focused, partici­pative, enthusiastic and happy; those accompanying the children liked and accepted this intervention. Data analysis collected from Interviews, questionnaires, narratives and drawings, showed re­sults in favor of the tales reading practice. Conclusion. The huma­nization strategy of care supported by fairy tales reading, had a positive impact in the children’s admission to the hospital.

Key words: humanization of assistance; child, hospitalized; patient escort service; reading; therapeutics.

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