Hypertensive patients’ attended with the family health strategy lifestyle

Elisabete Pimenta Araujo Paz, Maria Helena do Nascimento Souza, Raphael Mendonça Guimarães, Gabriella Fragoso Pavani, Heloisa Ferreira dos Santos Correa, Priscila Moreira de Carvalho, Ravenna Magalhães Rodrigues


Objective. To describe hypertensive patients’ attended with the Family Health strategy lifestyle. Methodolo­gy. Cross sectional study, carried out between October 2009 and January 2010. 273 hypertensive patients randomly chosen from the Family Health program attended by three areas of Piraí/RJ (Brazil) participated. For data collection, the “fantastic lifestyle” questionnaire was used. Results. From the studied sample: 61% were women, 56% were 60 and over years of age, 81% had a low level of education and 74% reported having low family income. The most frequent risk factors were: overweight or obesity (72%) and diabetes mellitus (37%). Lifestyle scores were: 13% excellent, 55% very good, 27% good, and 4% poor. Conclusion. Even though lifestyle was considered satisfactory, conditions and health profiles indicate that there are still cardiovascular risk factors.

 Key words: life style; chronic disease; hypertension; family health program; public health nursing.

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