Transvestites’ narratives about their experience with HIV/Aids

Maria Mercedes Lafaurie Villamil, Ana Elizabeth Forero Rozo, Rafael José Miranda Jiménez


Objective. To describe reflections of a group of transvestites, who work or have worked as prostitutes, about their experience as people who live with HIV/Aids, and their necessities of nursing support. Methodology. Qualitative study. 10 transvestites with HIV/Aids from 23 to 40 years of age, linked to prostitution, who attend a third level hospital of Bogota, were interviewed in depth. For data analysis the AtlasTi vr. 6 was used. Results. For these people money’s priority over health, alcohol consumption, and psychoactive substances take them not to use protection with the clients; preservative use failure with the sex couple precedes the infection. Depression is frequent. Attending the HIV program is essential for coping with the disease. Conclusion. There is a high HIV/Aids vulnerability in this group of people. It is necessary to create safe sex programs and strengthen life sense.

Key words: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; hiv; transvestism; prostitution; self care.

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