Call for Manuscripts

We receive articles on diverse topics regarding the theorization, research, and application of knowledge in foreign languages and cultures, in the fields of:

- Translation
- Foreign language teaching/learning
- Linguistics
- Culture
- Literature
For complete information about our editorial policies, please refer to our Author guidelines.

Reception of manuscripts

Please note the journal is receiving submissions all year round. Acceptance for publication relies upon submissions' quality and advancement in their particular field of knowledge, as judged by qualified peers through a double blind process. Therefore, publication dates depend on overcoming the review stage. However, we deem necessary you can figure out when is your submission to appear online and in print based on the date of acceptance for publication. Thus, below is a guide considering our reviewing, editorial and publication times. As soon as an editorial decision is reached on your submission, you will be notified in which issue your manuscript is programmed to be included. We work about six months in advance, so manuscripts accepted for publication in April 2016 are likely to appear in print some six months later, as you will see below.

Submission receiptIssue 
July 2017Jan-April 2018
December 2017May-Aug 2018
April 2018Sept-Dec. 2018

For your information, editorial times take up to 12 weeks, and production times take some 8 weeks. This includes reviewing, copyediting, proofreading, layout and printing/bookbinding.

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