Writing in History: Literary Art and Historical Narrative Considerations

Gustavo Adolfo Bedoya


For some scholars the differences between History and literature are clear. For others, however, the boundaries between the two are blurred, leading to the belief that every written document, including those from History, is an example of literature which demands ''historical verification''. By identifying the differences and similarities between the two, taking into account a group of recent theoretical proposals, we are able to demonstrate the degree of importance of each one according to a common understanding of ''reality''.

Received: 16-11-07 / Accepted: 12-02-08

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Bedoya G. A. (2008). La escritura en la Historia: consideraciones acerca del arte literario y la narración histórica. Íkala. 13(1), pp.91-102.


Literature, History, New History, narrative

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