Consumption of fortified wheat flour and associations with anemia and low serum ferritin in Colombia.

Amy Fothergill, Zulma Y. Fonesca Centeno, Paul R Ocampo Téllez, Helena Pachón


The association was examined between consumption of fortified wheat flour during mandatory wheat flour fortification in Colombia, and two outcomes: low serum ferritin (LSF) and anemia prevalence. A secondary analysis of the 2005 national nutrition survey (ENSIN) was completed for 3988 children 2-4 y, 5669 children 5-12 y and 2053 non-pregnant women 13-49 y. The relationship between consumption (quartiles) of wheat flour containing food (WFCF) and low serum ferritin and anemia was examined using chi-square analyses and logistic regression models. In unadjusted analyses, the prevalence of LSF was similar across all quartiles of WFCF consumption in all age groups. The highest prevalence of anemia was observed in the lowest WFCF consumption quartiles in all age groups (e.g. 31.3% versus 23.0% anemia in lowest versus highest WFCF intake quartile, in children 2-4 y), but was not significantly different in non-pregnant women 13-49 y. In adjusted models controlling for socioeconomic status, animal source food, and supplement intake in the previous 24 h, this relationship between WFCF and anemia remained for children 2-4 y when comparing the highest WFCF intake quartile with the lowest quartile (OR: 0.7, 95% CI: 0.6, 0.9). No association between WFCF and LSF was observed in adjusted (or unadjusted) models. In Colombia, consumption of wheat flour containing foods is associated with lower levels of anemia in pre-school children.

Palabras clave

ferritin, hemoglobin, fortification, wheat flour, enrichment, effectiveness, evaluation

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