Genoveva Amador Fierros, Ana María Chávez Acevedo, Noemí Alcaraz Moreno, Norma Angélica Moy López, Jorge Guzmán Muñiz, Carlos Enrique Tene Pérez


Problem-Based Learning method is based on constructivist theories of learning, the principles of adult learning and the development of andragogical models. Its objective is to help students develop skills to direct their own learning. Objective: to analyse the role of professors of the bachelor’s degree in nursing as facilitators of self-directed learning Licenciatura in nursing of the University of Colima Mexico. Methodology: with the use of a descriptive survey integrated with 20 items answered by 121 students, we assessed the role of the professors of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The 20 items assessed three areas of the facilitation process: Management of information, group process and reflection and critical thinking. These items were verified with Cronbach’s alpha and a reliability of 0.96. Results: when the KruskalWallis survey was conducted, statistically signi.cant differences were found only with regard to the “Group processing” dimension among sophomores and juniors (H = 6.77; P < 0.05). Even though no statistically signi.cant differences were found with regard to the other dimensions, it is possible to detect shifts in the students’ opinion trend about the role of tutors. Conclusion: The overall average score per scale makes it possible to conclude that the “the work of the tutor” is viewed favourably, considering that the students report that their tutor “almost always” facilitates, assists, promotes or collaborates on the development of the skills for being a self directed learner.



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