Universidad de Antioquia Nursing students in REAL - Latin America's Nursing Net

Claudia Patricia Arredondo González, Mary Isabel Acevedo, Berta Cecilia Arango Rivera, Sandra Milena Barrada Soto, Leidy Johana Crespo Londoño, Aychel González Marín, Jhon Henry Osorio Castaño, Juan Pablo Rendón Ramírez, Catalina Ruiz Arroyave, Angela Jhoana Zapata Velásquez


This article presents the Universidad de Antioquia, 7th level nursing students proposal to take interactive part in ";;;;REAL";;;; (Latin America's Nursing Net) in order to enhance and update the available technology and to benefit from the work on-line for professional development.Working on-line provides real advantages to the students and the profession strenghning its practice and promoting personal fulfillment. In order to have a net there should be persons willing to chat with unknown and not present people that we simply can avoid pressing the computer's ";;;;off";;;;.In the 1998 1st Latin American Bibliotecology and Information Sciences Students Congress four levels for on-line work were identified: information exchange, coordination, cooperation and collaboration.Accordingly the proposed strategies for the interplay between students, teachers and infirmary professionals, belonging to different cultures within REAL, considerer three fundamental aspects for the planning and construction of the proposal: to iniciate, to support and to evaluate.At some times a given strategy may serve two of more goals, since the agreed strategies are: 1. to desing a REAL poster 2. to establish a REAL web site 3. to open a space for the students interplay within REAL 4. to publish ";;;;students in the net";;;; 5. to convene a REAL meeting and 6. to organiza a REAL academic meeting on infirmary.Key words: Information nets, Nursing, Latin America, Students Nursing, Universidad de Antioquia.

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