Case management: analysis of the concept.

Santina Nunes Alves Casarin, Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa, Roxana Isabel Cardozo-Gonzales, Maria Helena Larcher Caliri, Maria Celia de Freitas


The goal of this work is to define the concept of case management in the American Nursing Management and Journal of Nursing Administration published during the 80's and 90´s, available at the Central Library of the University of Sao Paulo of Ribeirao Preto. After RODGERS (1993), we used the Concept Analysis, emphasizing the ";essential attributes";, ";antecedent"; and ";conseqent"; events, and also Case Managent is expressed as a model, wich  integrates quality and cost, as an organized structure, to improve the quality  of care and service coverage, and as a systematic process. Antecedent events: need to reduce cost, changes in reimbursement practice, fragmentation of care, need to improve the continuity of care and to reduce the length of hospital stay. Consequent events: continuity of care, reduce fragmentation, improve the quality of care and cost, interdisciplinary practice, satisfaction of the professionals. The predominat substitute term was managed care. It is cosidered that the concept of case management is named differently according to the contex in which it is used, but keeps the main characteristic of patient advocacy.

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