Protection of children and adolescents victims of violence: the views of the professionals of a specialized service

Priscila Arruda da Silva, Valéria Lerch Lunardi, Rodrigo Dalke Meucci, Simone Algeri


Objective. To know the obstacles faced by the professionals to work in network and challenges of the work of the professionals in the Reference Center Specialized in Social
Assistance (CREAS) of a municipality in the extreme south of Brazil.

Methods. It is a qualitative study, developed with twelve professionals of a CREAS. Data collection was
performed through a semi-structured interview, from April to May 2016. The interviews were submitted to content analysis.

Results. The fragmentation among the various
services that make up the victim assistance network is an obstacle for professionals as they are unable to continue the recovery and health promotion actions of these
families. The professionals point out the bureaucratic procedures, the accumulation of functions and the lack of human and financial resources as a routine problem
and that seriously hinders the progress of the service.

Conclusion. For the professionals, the protection network presents weaknesses that compromise the guarantee of the rights of children and adolescents.

Descriptors: adolescent; child; exposure to violence; child advocacy qualitative

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