Analysis of the training in thanatology of nursing students from the Federal University of Maranhao, Brazil

Wildoberto Batista Gurgel, Elba Gomide Mochel, Anna Gomide Mochel, Aurea Mariana Costa Farias


Objective.  To  evaluate  the  training  nursing  students  are  receiving  in  topics  related  to  the  application  of humanized assistance  principles,  and guarantee the dignity of dying people.  Methodology. Qualitative  research with document (Pedagogical project of the class and subject’s curriculums) and exploratory (Nursing students’  participant  observation  and  analysis  of  their  journals  with  experiences  towards  death)  analysis. Information  was  collected  from  2008  to  2009.  Results.  Thanatological  training  is  focused  on  theoretical contents and is not adequately systematized, what could lead to superstitious practices from the students. Conclusion. Thanatology training given to nursing students is not enough and needs to be improved in its theoretical and practical components.

Key words: nursing; death; human resources formation; thanatology

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