Socializing as a dynamic learning process in nursing. A proposal in active methodology

Telma Elisa Carraro, Marta Lenise do Prado, Vera Radünz


Objective.  To  understand  the  meaning  of  socializing  activities  and  how they  contribute  to  the  learning  process  of  nursing  students.  Methodology. Qualitative study, in which 10 students from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) participated during the year of 2006. Data were analyzed using content analysis. Results. The following analysis categories emerged  from  the  study:  Learning  moments,  integration  moments,  value reassurance  and  strengthening  of  theory  and  practice  links.  Socializing  is an important activity for the students because it allows them to share their knowledge, experiences, and others, which contribute to professional and personal growth being mistakes and accuracies a good way of learning. Conclusion. For the students, socializing activities allow integration, interaction, and intersubjectivity in the critic training process committed to reality.

Key  words:  Competencybased  education;  socialization;  education;  nursing; faculty; students, nursing.

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