Women, maternity and academic work.

Márcia Regina Cangiani Fabbro, José Roberto Montes Heloani


Objective. To describe the academic work experience and maternity of the university professors. Methodology. The research was completed from December 2003 to December 2005. Information was collected from five university professors’ life stories and reflective interviews in a public university of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Results. Data analysis had two cores: The story of “each of them” and the story of “all of them” which led to the empirical categories: maternity, genre relationships and academic work. The results pointed that work provides professional accomplishment asserting themselves as professionals and being able to provide family maintenance. But the last statement could be secondary to the family and relational universe that supports the individual fulfillment. Conclusion. Maternity was the triggering factor of mythical character questions of “fulfilled women” what took them to think about themselves, their work and the relationship with their children and husband.


Key words: women; gender identity; work; maternity; gender.

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