Educational nursing research evaluation in the Autonoma University of Mexico State from

Lucila Cárdenas Becerril, Ma Hernández Díaz, Beatriz Arana Gómez, Ma de Lourdes García Hernández


Objective. To evaluate the nursing educational researches com-pleted in the nursing and obstetrics faculties of the Autonoma university of Mexico State between the years 1995 and 2008. Methodology. Exploratory, documentary and retrospective study. It has a functional and structural approach with a quantitative focus. Nursing educational area researches as well as other primary sources that showed research work such as books, thesis, magazines and memories were evaluated. Results. 49 research products that referred to nursing education were found (22 degree thesis, 8 of masters, a professional experience report, 12 articles published in magazines and memories and 6 books). 100% of the researchers found are descriptive and diag-nostic. There is no evidence that such diagnostics had been used as intervention research basis, evaluation and creation of new proposals for the educational area. 10% of the researched is related with the nursing professionals’ labor market and the remaining 90% study the educational process actors. There is no follow- up on the researches’ diffusion and disclosure neither on the application or implementation of the results obtained in each study. Conclusions. The reviewed researches had limitations, specially the non-attachment to the educational policies at the federal level.


Key words: educational measurement; education, nursing; nursing research.

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