Intensive care unit nursing care process application

Juan Guillermo Rojas, Pilar Pastor Durango


Objective. To describe the factors related with the application of the nursing care process (NCP) and diagnostic taxonomies, interventions and expected results in intensive care units -ICU- of Medellin. Methodology. Cross-sectional study performed in a simple of 65 nursing professionals from 12 ICU between April and June of 2007. Sociodemographic and labor variables, care methodologies, NCP application and clinical aptitude were explored; the type of institution and the existence of structured nursing reports according to the methodology were explored as well. Results. Professionals are young women with a little experience who take care doing assessment; they plan based on the medical diagnosis and follow ICU established protocols. They say they don’t apply the NCP - however they take part, assess and plan, and in a lower degree they diagnose and evaluate-, they have low clinical aptitude too. Conclusion. Nursing professionals attach importance to the NCP as a tool that gives professional identity however they don’t incorporate it as a care methodology.

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