Creation of a career certification test for nursing

María Isabel Catoni Salamanca, Patricia Jimena Fernández Díaz, imena Ferrer Sorria-Galvarro, Jorge Manuel Manzi Astudillo, María Paulina Flotts De los Hoyos, Silvia Cristina Barrios Araya


Objective. To evaluate the utility of a career certification test, as a written test to measure skills defined in the graduate profile of the nursing curriculum. Methodology. The test was developed based in the definition of its characteristics, approach of the objectives, evaluated content definition, description of the questions characteristics, and determine the approval or disapproval nature of the test. After review and classification of the questions, pilot sampling was performed allowing the construction of the final tool. Results. From the total of piloted questions, a total of 256 questions were accepted, 31.3% of them were rescued post psychometric analysis, they were used for the first version of the test applied to nurses and matron-nurses, 36 students took it reaching a score of 52.4±4.7. Considering the above, the average grade of this cohort was 4.9±0.5 (in a 1 to 7 scale). Conclusion. The certification test measured a wide range of professional skills needed for a quality practice. It is important to know that the election of a “written test” modality allows measuring only cognitive knowledge and skills. So it must be assured through curriculum in each course, to achieve technical abilities and the correct attitudes.

Key words: evaluation; professional competence; nursing.

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