English: Social support with information technologies and communication to caregivers
Español: Soporte social con Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación a cuidadores
Português: Suporte social com tecnologias da informação e a comunicação

Inna Elida Florez Torres, Amparo Astrid Montalvo, Elizabeth Romero Massa


Objective. To determine the effectiveness of social support through the radio and web in caregivers of the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Methodology. Semi-experimental research carried out in 2010 where 86 caregivers to whom the instrument Hilbert’s social support in chronic illness inventory was applied before and after a social support intervention through the radio and the web. ANOVA’s test was used to assess the differences in the score changes of the dimensions of the scale employed. Results. The average scores before and after the interventions were respectively by dimension: Guide: 59.6 and 81.9; personal interaction 43.3 and 51.6; Feedback 20.7 and 27.3. Social interaction: 20.6 and 25.7. For all the dimensions statistically significant differences were found in the averages. Conclusion. There is evidence in favor that social support with information technologies and communication was effective in the intervened caregivers.


Key words: evaluation studies; caregivers; chronic disease; information technology; social support.

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