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Author Guidelines

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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. This article, nor part of it has been published in another journal.

  2. The attachment is in Word

  3. Home with titles and authors with superscripts. Must be specified if the paper is required to qualify for a degree.

  4. All pages are listed

  5. The text is double spaced and the font is Times New Roman, size 12 including tables, figures, footnotes, photos, etc.. All illustrations, figures and tables are at the end with their respective numbering and title.

  6. Article in English or  Spanish

  7. The summary and abstract are structured: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions (for articles resulting from research).

  8. References specific to the article in Spanish and English after the list of authors. To cite a reference to the Journal of the Faculty of Dentistry, use the abbreviation Rev Fac Odontol Univ Antioq

  9. Palabras Clave based at DeCS and Key Words according Medical Subject Headings

  10. Words RECEIVED: ACCEPTED: Located before the start of the article.

  11. See Authors Guidelines. The numbers go to the level of text, not as superscripts and followed by a period and tab. For references to scientific journals should cite the short title (only if you have it).

  12. We ask authors to submit the following information and send in attachment


















    MAIL Address:




    ENTITY Affiliation:








Copyright Notice

Copyright comprises moral and patrimonial rights.


1.    Moral rights: are born at the moment of the creation of the work, without the need to register it. They belong to the author in a personal and unrelinquishable manner; also, they are imprescriptible, unalienable and non negotiable.  Moral rights are the right to paternity of the work, the right to integrity of the work, the right to maintain the work unedited or to publish it under a pseudonym or anonymously, the right to modify the work, the right to repent and, the right to be mentioned, in accordance with the definitions established in article 40 of Intellectual property bylaws of the Universidad (RECTORAL RESOLUTION 21231 of 2005). 


2.   Patrimonial rights: they consist of the capacity of financially dispose and benefit from the work trough any mean. Also, the patrimonial rights are relinquishable, attachable, prescriptive, temporary and transmissible, and they are caused with the publication or divulgation of the work.  To the effect of publication of articles in the journal Revista de la Facultad de Odontología, it is understood that Universidad de Antioquia is the owner of the patrimonial rights of the contents of the publication. 


The content of the publications is the exclusive responsibility of the authors. Neither the printing press, nor the editors, nor the Editorial Board will be responsible for the use of the information contained in the articles.


Waiver of Copyrights


I, we, the author(s), and through me (us), the Entity for which I, am (are) working, hereby transfer in a total and definitive manner and without any limitation, to the Revista Facultad de Odontología Universidad de Antioquia, the patrimonial rights corresponding to the article presented for physical and digital publication. I also declare that neither this article, nor part of it has been published in another journal.


Privacy Statement

The names and e-mail addresses entered in this journal will be used exclusively for the purposes declared by it and will not be available for any other purpose or other person.


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