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Cognitive disorders (CD)

by Ms An An An (2019-08-14)

Rối loạn nhận thức (CD), also known as neurocognitive disorders (NCD), are a type of mental health disorder that primarily affects cognitive ability including learning, memory, cognition. and solve the problem.
What causes mild cognitive impairment?
There is no single cause of mild cognitive impairment, nor is there a single manifestation of this disorder. Symptoms of mild cognitive impairment can remain stable for years, progress into Alzheimer's disease or a type of dementia, or improve over time.

Current evidence suggests that mild cognitive impairment usually arises from a similar change in the brain found in Alzheimer's disease or other mild-level dementia. Some changes have been identified in autopsy studies of people with mild cognitive impairment. These changes include:

Unusual beta-amyloid protein block (plaque) and microscopic microscopic protein clots in Alzheimer's disease (plexus)
Lewy bodies, which are tiny protein clusters associated with Parkinson's disease, dementia of Lewy bodies and some cases of Alzheimer's disease
Small strokes or reduced blood flow through the cerebral vessels
Brain imaging shows that the following changes may be associated with mild cognitive impairment:

The hippocampus region shrinks, a brain region important to memory
Space containing cerebrospinal fluid widens
Reducing the use of glucose, the main energy source for cells, in important brain regions.
Treatment of rối loạn nhận thức by medical methods
The brain is an important part of controlling all human life activities, and human cognitive ability is also determined by the brain.

Therefore, if you have any brain problems that are typical of diseases or brain damage, we may have cognitive disorders. One of us is also at risk of having this syndrome in varying degrees depending on different causes.

Depending on many factors, cognitive disorders may be expressed at different levels or accompanied by other impairments in the function of the brain, it may cause long-term or temporary effects on people. sick.

There are currently no specific drugs or methods to treat rối loạn nhận thức là gì.

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