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If it is an analog camera, use a coaxial cable (signal cable) through the BNC jack, connect from each camera to the recorder, or use a video balun cable to run the only network cable for the analog camera. After that, you spread the power cable to power the camera, try to go with the signal cable system to ensure aesthetics. If it is an IP camera that uses PoE switch, at each location of the camera, just run one network line from each camera to the PoE switch and from the PoE switch, only one network line is connected to the recorder - This is the advantage of IP camera by system compactness compared to analog camera. Note: A little extra wire should be applied to prevent bends, glide along the wall, avoid shortages (as you will have to connect the wire, the signal quality will be affected). After connecting the source, you can check by using the camera to cover the infrared sensor of the camera, the infrared light is red, then the camera is powered.

Nhân công lắp đặt camera

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